Must Have the Modern Skewed Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake in Chicago IL

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cakes

The topsy turvy wedding cakes in Chicago IL are commonly used by couples having a daytime wedding ceremony. They could not have a stunning cake highlighted by unique lighting so they come up with a peculiar cake that will put the guests in wonder. Topsy curvy wedding cake design in Chicago IL is very complicated to make especially if it is over 5 layers. The use of balancing and selecting the best edible foundation are all needed to make this complicated design. Many bakers and pastry makers try their best to make more layers in adding fascination and interest to the cake.

Wedding CakeThis wedding cake design is best to be used in a rustic outdoor wedding that will look fabulous in the picture. The design of the cake can be composed of layers skewed by different size of edible cake boxes or mini flower bouquets made from icing and fondant. The best foundation used in this cake are not only Popsicle sticks but also Styrofoam shapes to keep the balance on. The Styrofoam used is covered with fondant which will give a skewed effect to the layers. It will look like a realistic skewed cake adding a twist into traditional cake designs.

To add a more personal look to this wedding cake, some bakers match the designs of the skewed wedding cake with the bride’s flowers or wedding dress. Sometimes the baker also add some decorated shapes like the groom and bride’s wedding ring design as the cake topper or adds skewed pillars when the wedding venue have elegant pillars with it. For night time receptions, lights emitting different colors are great designs for this type of wedding cake.

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