What to Know About Silver Engagement Rings in Jacksonville, FL

Sterling Silver Engagement Rings

ringYou will find so many engagement rings in Jacksonville FL to select from; you might be a bit confused on what you will like just like in choosing a photographers to document your engagement day. So many metals from platinum to gold and a wide variety of colors to select it can be a bit overwhelming. If you’d like to keep that simple and elegant look, you’d probably like to check out sterling silver ring. The contrast of the silver color enhances a diamond on any engagement rings in Jacksonville FL. Let’s find out more about this lovely sterling silver metal.

Sterling silver includes a composition of 92.5 percent 100 % pure silver and 7.5 percent other metals. Copper is just about the most picked metals in sterling silver Jacksonville wedding rings. These rings can be decorated with 100 % pure silver; the trouble though with 100 % pure silver is that it’s too soft for large jewelries.

Sterling silver is not only known for its simple yet elegant features but for also its strength. Pure silver is quite soft which doesn’t make it a first choice but when you combine other precious metals into silver for example copper will allow it to become stronger.

Sterling silver engagement rings can be coated or plated with rhodium for being more resistant to everyday tarnishing. Rhodium is a part of the platinum family and by building it as a coat for your sterling silver ring is likely to make it even much more scratch and basically usage resistant. Overall silver also has a really traditional elegant look, and is cheaper compared to a platinum ring.

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